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Friday, October 30, 2015

happy weekend, happy halloween

  • I just pre-ordered this book for the girls. Hah. Who am I kidding? I pre-ordered it for me.

  • College me would've claimed this song as a personal anthem. Cringe, but 37 year old me loves it too.

  • 100 years from now, critics will look back on these post-millenialish years as the golden age of American TV drama. Movies are unwatchable, sitcoms are flailing, but shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Homeland, VEEP, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Newsroom and this - a new favorite are stunningly good and creative. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Book of Awakening

This little book is one that I've been reading before bed and when I wake up, before getting out of bed, I think about the lesson and meditation and try to keep it in mind throughout my day.

The book is divided into 365 'chapters' for each day of the year. Every day, there's a new topic, followed by instructions on what to mediate on.

Here's an example and some excerpts from today's chapter:

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

School's out for summer

This past weekend we celebrated the end of the school year in Marco Island, FL. It only took us about two hours to get there, but it felt like we were far from home and definitely on an official vacation. We listened to Michael Jackson the whole way there. We ate almost every meal outside. We ate ice cream after every meal. We collected shells. We swam in the gulf. We swam in the pool. We rented jet skis. We rented the movie Home. We marveled at the sunsets. We fell asleep early.

I try really hard to avoid feelings of nostalgia. I don't mourn the loss of the baby years; I don't lament time going by too quickly. To do so, in my book, undermines today. Glory days are not something I buy into. Today is a glorious day.


It does feel like time is moving quickly now. A school year felt like an eternity for me as a kid. As a parent, it feels like just a short chapter. I'm grateful that we had the opportunity to mark this one with some time together that brought us all a little extra joy & beautiful memories.

amazing clouds on our first night

 this little guy was wiggling in her hand

 blue zinc 

 we didn't let a hair brush get in the way of a good time! Also, E picked out this necklace & she is obsessed

 arranging our treasures

you can't see it too well here, but E is covered in chocolate ice cream

we felt like real insider beach-bums by the end

every beach needs a shell washing station

searching for tiny clams for over an hour


the end