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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

summer resolutions

Summer resolutions are something that I first read about in a Pat Conroy novel. I think it was Tom Wingo from Prince of Tides who had a wonderful list, but it's driving.me.bananas that I can't confirm. If anyone out there remembers,  let me know!
 Summer resolutions (SRs) are pretty different from New Year's resolutions (NYRs). I associate NYRs with stopping something or imposing limits: stop overeating...start exercising...quit Starbucks (never!). SRs are more about the things you want to DO. I make a list every summer, and I usually wind up crossing off quite a bit. Here's my 2012 list and progress:

I was looking for something snazzy to keep track of my SRs when I found Emily Ley's shop on Etsy. Warning: these super-cute notebooks are just the tip of the iceberg.

Do you make summer resolutions? I'd love to hear some!


  1. I can help you tackle the 4 mile run if you'd like. I want to do Dunne's Run (5 miler) in October. Do it with me!

    1. Every year I say I'm going to do the Dunns Run and I don't, this year I'm definitely doing it! Looking forward to seeing you guys on the pavement :)!!

  2. We do a "Summer To-Do List" that the kids and I write and post on the fridge. We include everything fun we want to accomplish- specific museums, trips, crafts, etc! Then check them off as we do it! We have been doing almost one per day!

  3. I love it! Great idea. At my house we're doing a back to basics summer to get our routine down. I was doing well until we got back from vacation. The MOMS Club has a dinner club - we're meeting Sat. night - want to come? I'm dropping off your paperwork sometime today so you can get things rolling!

  4. supper club is so great! We had a monthly one going here until everyone got knocked up for the third time. The wine began flowing less and so did the fun. Now all the babies have been born and it is time to revisit. Also, love the book list. I am reading Roald dahl and Beverly Cleary this summer with Noah and we are loving them.

  5. Megan...OK!! count me in. Chrissie- that is a GREAT idea, love it. Karen, I would love to come to the next one! This weekend I have family visiting. Laci- hilarious/can't wait till Ellie is old enough for Ramona. In fact, I might head to the library and re-read some of those myself. Thanks for commenting ladies!