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Monday, October 22, 2012

happiness is {#2}

Happy Monday friends. How was your weekend? My daughters have been recovering from some icky colds, so we tried to make the best of a low-key Saturday & Sunday. My husband and I managed to escape for a date night to a Spanish restaurant followed by a German bar. We contemplated rounding the evening out at an Irish Pub, but decided to quit while we were ahead! I also did a massive kitchen re-organization. Does anyone else feel like their entire life exists in their kitchen? I found 11 pairs of scissors, enough stamps for this year and next year's Christmas cards, 7 different kinds of vinegar, 5 spatulas and about 20 various electronic chargers. It was a messy and humbling process, but it now it looks clean, peaceful and somuchnicer.

Here's the next installment of "happiness is"

1. Freshly squeezed orange juice (or the next best thing: Natalie's)
2. Looking pretty good on your driver's license photo
3. Inventing a new cocktail
4. Realizing you got the last of a now sold-out item
5. Finding shrimp and grits on a menu in Florida
6. A big box of hand-me-down smocked children's clothes
7. Getting the row all to yourself on an airplane
8. A tough workout...after it's over
9. Making new 'blog' friends (visit Meredith here and Sukey here)
10. Sneaking some broccoli into your picky eater's dinner (via this recipe- which is basically heaven)

What's making you happy this Monday?

1 comment:

  1. I'm so happy we are blogger friends, too! Happy Monday!