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Monday, November 5, 2012

closet strategy

I'm not the best at strategic shopping. I'm far more likely to buy a fun dress or go-to-hell pants on a whim than I am to invest in basics. I also dislike having a lot of clothes. The problems is, it can be hard to get dressed for an average Tuesday when you're staring at one too many hot pink blouses or pairs polka dot pants. It's all icing, no cake. In a way.
Anyway, I've been forcing myself to resist nonsense impulse purchases and instead keep a list of much-needed wardrobe staples. 

Do you keep a list of items you need to round out your wardrobe, or do you buy what you like when you see it?


  1. When I click on the earring link, it takes me to the Gap for the pants... where are the cute earrings from? Thanks!

    1. Hi KK! I fixed the link. And they're from J. Crew. xxo