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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pandora Stations

Dolly Parton + Paul Simon
 This is fantastic for driving any sort of distance in a car by yourself. You'll get lots of Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Cat Stevens and Emmylou Harris. Great Americana folk/country stuff. I'm not always in the mood to listen to Dolly Parton, but when I am- I am always struck by her sincerity. It takes my breath away how she can shift gears from hokey "9 to 5, "Islands in the Stream" type stuff to something that just breaks your heart ("Do I Ever Cross Your Mind"). But make no mistake: "Islands in the Stream" still gets a major thumbs up from this gal.

The Bangles + Usher + Justin Timberlake
This is good for working out (Tracy Anderson cardio, specifically)  when you just can't take any more Katy Perry. You'll have to hit thumbs down on "Eternal Flame" which is kind of sad, but I mean, you can't dance to Eternal Flame. End of story.

Les Miserables (Original London Cast Recording)
Show me a household chore that cannot be improved by Broadway, and I will bet that you are holding a vacuum cleaner. You'll get all the songs you know by heart from Wicked, Rent and (unfortunately) Phantom of the Opera, but mercifully not too much from Cats.

Brett Dennen  + Kings of Leon + the Shins
If you're still reading after the three above suggestions, then this is for when you've decided you need to seem like a normal person again, or you have a friend in the car, or at your house or something and you don't want them to think that you are completely insane.

The Temptations + Pink Martini
Perfect for having people over for dinner. You get the best mix of familiar Motown hits with the less-familiar jazzy loungy sound of Pink Martini. It's cool, but not too cool.

Stephan Moccio
Ugh, this is when you have to do something really tedious like unravel a spreadsheet or pay bills online or try to teach yourself HTML and you need laser-sharp concentration but don't can't bear to sit there in total silence.

Jackson Browne
This is perfect for when you are in labor about to have a baby. I put this on and had a great conversation with the anesthesiologist as he was administering my epidural, and it was so much better to be singing along to "It Keeps You Running," and chit-chatting about all the great 70's singer songwriters and what really happened with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young than thinking about- uhm- other stuff.

Dixie Chicks
If "There's Your Trouble" doesn't make you nostalgic for late-90's sorority life, black pants, bourbon & ginger-ale, and raiding the late plate fridge, then I don't know what the heck else will. #itsgreattobeafloridazta

Adorable Kate Spade ear buds

Please, tell me- what are your favorite Pandora Stations?


  1. LOVE the Dixie Chicks/Zeta reference. I actually got handcuffed AT a DC concert with some Zetas in Jacksonville for underaged drinking. #itsgreattobeafloridazta

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  3. I look forward to trying Jackson Browne this time around!