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Friday, February 6, 2015

Internet Wisdom

image FYSURF

Sometimes, the Internet just gets me. Here are some of my favorite links.
  • This makes me want to have a Friends marathon, and also buy a denim vest.
  • Do your kids love growing weird stuff as much as mine do? Try this.
  • I love Mrs. Clooney and her style before and after her wedding, but the first comment on this post is perfect. 
  • If you think your fridge is in bad shape; well, it could always be worse
  • I had no idea there were so many Downton Abbey- inspired cookbooks! Might have to add this one to my collection.
  • Sneakers are the new flip flops. I'll take one of each of these. 
I'm sorry for any email subscribers who received a random post from 2013. I have a feed-burner issue that I'm trying to get to the bottom of; in the meantime- posts will not go out via email. They'll just live here, on the blog.
Have a fun weekend!

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