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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Have you been watching Bloodline on Netflix? I'm a big fan. I originally dismissed it as riding in on House of Cards' coattails, but after watching almost the entire season (I'm on episode 9 out of 13)- I'm 100% addicted. 
For starters the costume designers nailed the South Florida, marina-rat, beer-soaked, sun-drenched, mandals, fishing-logo-t-shirts, bathing-suits-as-under garments look. This is not California's version of Florida, this is Florida's Florida. If you live in Florida, you'll get it. It's a family drama that's really dark. The contrast between all the pretty Florida sunshine and the everybody-has-a-secret darkness is what makes this show work. It'd be a vastly different show in Chicago.

Viewers find out what went wrong in the first episode and spend the remainder of the series watching the how unravel. It's a little soapy, but Sissy Spacek and Sam Shepard anchor a large ensemble cast and keep the show from getting away from itself. 

Ben Mendelsohn steals the show as the oldest brother who's returned to his family's Islamorada beach-front inn to wreck havoc on everyone's lives. Kyle Chandler's John Rayburn is very similar to Kyle Chandler's Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights, but that's okay by me because I loved Coach Taylor!  He's the well-intended upright citizen who tries to keep everything together. Instead of a high school football coach, now he's the middle-child/favorite son/ Monroe-County detective. 
Chloe Sevigny doesn't appear in every episode, but when she does, she rocks. I think a lesser actress would've relegated the role to a "hooker with a heart of gold" cliche, but she takes it beyond that and makes a small part really interesting. (To be clear, her character is not a hooker, just a little sleazy). Also- she looked fantastic at the premier

My only criticism is with Kyle Chandler's/John Rayburn's voice overs. Voice overs almost always drive me bananas. We are a smart audience. You don't need to spell things out for us. A little ambiguity is okay! 

So. It's no House of Cards, but in my opinion it's a 4-star, highly entertaining drama worthy of its own fan-fare. No surprise that it's been picked up for a second season

What do you think? Have you watched Bloodline? Do you love it as much as I do?

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