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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

party in the U.S.A.

Every four years (which also happen to be leap years... great planning, whoever planned that) we get the opportunity to  MAX out on red white & blue and all that is American.

  • Memorial Day 
  • Fourth of July
  • summer Olympics (bonus RW&B)
  • Labor Day
  • Presidential Elections (bouns RW&B again)
  • Veterans Day
I hope you spent that extra day in February perfecting your recipe for apple pie and brushing up on the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner.

The bracelet craze seems here to stay. Here are some fun RW&B versions from three designers who I hope to see lots more from: The ROPES Maine, Lemon and Line and Kiel James Patrick.

1. The ROPES Maine (available at Classic Prep Monograms) 2. Lemon and Line (also available from CPM) 3. and 4. Kiel James Patrick (here and here).

PS- these are all made in the USA.


  1. Check out my new pin on pinterest! DIY nautical bracelet! So cute!