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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Photograph via: nataliecoughlin.com

As a former swim team-er, I can totally relate to this quote both figuratively and literally. I still hate those first few seconds minutes it takes to inch into a pool; it's just so jarring and COLD! 
In life, there are many things that I hate starting, but enjoy once I get going-- and I especially appreciate the results. 
Here are some examples:
  • cleaning my closet
  • working out (it's my drawer full of un-matched socks that really fills me with dread)
  • asking for help
  • starting a new job
  • the first day of school (I hated this as a kid and I was pretty bummed out by my daughter's first day, too)
  • packing for a trip
What are some things that you dislike starting, but enjoy once you take the plunge? 
P.S. Best of luck to Natalie and the U.S. Olympic team. 
Is it July 27th yet??

U-S-A!   U-S-A!   U-S-A!

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