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Thursday, August 30, 2012

photos from paris

My mom called me a few months ago and asked me look at two important dates on my calendar: one was a book fair in South Carolina (exciting, but...) the second was a trip to France! 
As you can imagine, I did not need to check my calendar regarding the trip to France. I would cross off whatever was currently scheduled and be ready to go with a lengthy personal itinerary of museums, sights, shopping and food. 

Unfortunately when I returned from la-la land and tuned back into the conversation, I heard my mom wrapping things up with something along the lines of "well ok, if you're sure you don't need us for anything that week...we'll send pictures!" 


Here they are.
 Paris skyline

 La Seine


Tour Eiffel 

Musee de Louvre

photos by Michael O'Bryon Photography (aka: my dad)

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