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Thursday, August 23, 2012

something borrowed

I've borrowed (wink wink) quite a few wardrobe items from my mom's side of the closet, 
but never my dad's. 
A few weeks ago while housesitting, I spotted this Banana Republic photo vest 
& it's been quite a steal :)

 Do you remember when Banana Republic used to be totally different and tucked back in the corner of the Galleria right by Glamour Shots overlooking the old food court? 
oh...uhm, me neither....

vest: vintage Banana Republic // shorts: American Eagle Outfitters // sweater: J.Crew // sandals: Lilly Pulitzer (old) watch: Michael Kors // bracelets: J.Crew, Target, gift // sunglasses: Ray Ban (old)

Photos: Michael O'Bryon Photography

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