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Monday, November 26, 2012

Guest Post: Dress for the Wedding

I'm thrilled to have Sukey from the blog Dress for the Wedding guest-posting today. Her blog is filled with wedding-style ideas for guests, bridesmaids and brides. I am lucky enough to be friends with her, so she put together three (!!) looks to help me get dressed for a wedding I'm attending in December. Thank you Sukey!!! 
xo Jen

Jen from The Elizabeth Letter Goes to a Wedding
One of the great pleasures of having a blog like this,  is "meeting" other bloggers. About 5 months ago, Jen of The Elizabeth Letter brilliantly suggested that since we were both new to blogging we could help each other along the way. Since then, she has been an amazing source of support. We share stories of things only other bloggers would understand: What do you make of this stat from Google Analytics? How do you take those outfit post photos? Why does my husband look at me funny when he asks me what I've been doing for hours on end and I say, "Still just working on my blog" ?
Jen has wonderful style, as evidenced by her layouts here on The Elizabeth Letter, but since my blog, Dress For The Wedding specializes in ideas for what to wear to a wedding,  and Jen is attending a wedding this December, it seemed like the perfect time for me to do a guest post on The Elizabeth Letter. With Jen's classic, preppy style in mind, I've found the three outfit ideas for a dressy casual wedding in December in Florida.
Gray with Black and White
I loved the classic style and subtle gray dots on this silvery-gray dress when I saw it, and I thought it would suit our friend Jen very nicely, and would a nice color for a winter wedding. To keep the gray from looking too pale, I  added a few preppy and ladylike touches, like that dramatic necklace with the black bow. I decided to echo that bow in the shoes and the little black and white stud earrings.

Navy with Gray
Jen and I both love navy blue, so it's rare for us to find a navy blue dress that we wouldn't like. I thought this dress with the sequin sash, flutter sleeves and the detailed seaming was a nice departure from the very plain  navy dresses we might otherwise choose.  I like the sparkle adds a little festivity since the wedding will be right in the middle of the holiday season. The seaming in the bodice looks really flattering and is similar to the pleating in the clutch, and I added some silvery gray accessories to pick up the silver sequins in the belt.

 Purple with Pink, Light Blue, and Navy
To be even a little more festive, I though this purpley-pink paired with navy and pink and blue tones would be a preppy way to look bright at the wedding. Since Jen lives in Florida (lucky!), she's not subject to the same palette of browns and grays that I seem to wear in winter. I always like a big necklace against the v-neck, and I thought the glittery clutch would add just enough of a dressy look, and, I thought Jen's daughters might get a kick out of it, too! Don't all ladies love a little sparkle?
Well, as I frequently say on my blog, it really doesn't matter what you wear, just as long as you have fun! So, Jen, I hope you have a great time at the wedding, and thank you for having me guest post!


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