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Monday, November 12, 2012


Does anyone else feel like they look- um- awful when they workout? Aside from my monogrammed Nike shorts, my workout look can best be described as “grade-school-PE-class meets need-to-do laundry.” It’s not pretty.

So I was thrilled to find ThomasKelly via the go-to blog for classic/preppy style: Design Darling. ThomasKelly has some of the cutest “where did you get that?” type pieces for working out and looking presentable afterwards. Even cuter than the pieces themselves are husband and wife team Kelly and Thomas Gamble. The pair brainstormed the concept for bringing preppy style to their west coast home of Santa Barbara on one of their Sunday walks. 

“We originally thought about doing ties. We literally bought the book Sewing for Dummies,” Kelly said. But the idea evolved into workout gear when Kelly was in the gym one day and noticed some room for improvement in activewear style.

I asked Kelly a couple questions about her own style and begged her for some advice on looking better while working out.

What is your typical workout?
I like to mix cardio with strength training. One day I’ll do spinning or go for a run and then the next day I’ll do something that tones and lengthens. Recently I’ve enjoyed Go Figure and Dailey Method barre-type workouts.

Do you workout everyday?
Pretty much... I take a day off here and there, and on Sundays Thomas and I take a long walk together on the beach.

What are your tips for looking better while working out?
Wear something with color on the top or bottom. Light lipgloss, a little mascara and pulling your hair back in something cute is a great motivator to keep going. When you look better, you tend to want to workout longer.

Describe your style in three words?

Classic. Colorful. Comfortable.

What are your favorite pieces from Thomas and Kelly?
We have a new piece called the Shelby Shawl that I’m really excited about. The color is “winter blue,” and it’s a universal color that will pair well with a lot of colors now, but it's also bright and cheerful for spring and summer. The cardigan is probably my favorite piece. I’ve been traveling a lot and wearing it on the airplane with boots and leggings. Also, it's my favorite piece because I think it best represents our motto, "inspired to take preppy from exercise to errands." 

Visit ThomasKelly's online boutique at shopthomaskelly.com

Adorable, right?

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