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Monday, March 4, 2013

a big batch of: cauliflower bisque

Yesterday instead of doing any sort of 'Sunday food prep for the week' I went to see Life of Pi by myself because I wanted to see it in 3D before it was out of theaters. I felt a little bit nerdy, but also a little bit worldly (don't ask, I just did). It wound up being a good choice because it's a brilliant movie, but this morning I was sad that there wasn't anything to eat So, because it was FREEZING cold outside, I figured it would be a good day to try out this cauliflower bisque recipe that my mom sent me from the PBS Food website. Ever since I told her about the cauliflower pizza crust recipe that is all over Pinterest, we've both been on a real cauliflower kick. Who knew that the roasted version tastes so different from the raw version? Anyway- this soup is really easy to make and tastes a little bit sweeter and more interesting than baked potato soup. It would be fun to add back in some diced roasted veggies if you're feeling healthy or maybe some shredded cheddar cheese, bacon and chives if you're not.

One thing I'd do differently the next time is to use homemade chicken or vegetable stock. I think that making your own stock is essentially announcing "I have reached a whole new level of domesticity in my life." I'm not sure I'm there yet, but the few times I have made my own stock the results have been significantly better than the boxed or canned version. Plus, since there are so few ingredients to this bisque that the stock really plays an important role in the overall flavor.

Regardless, I enjoyed this soup with some toasted Pumpernickel bread and it felt like just the thing to brace myself against this icy 50 degree South Florida day.

What new recipes have you tried lately?

PS: here is the link to the recipe in case you missed it above: Cauliflower Bisque

1 comment:

  1. Huge cauliflower fans in this house! I can't wait to try this and that Pinterest pizza recipe, too.