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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

flower girls

This picture makes me smile. Ellie woke up in the morning and decided to wear her "flower girl" dress. Sarah Kate heard this and immediately wanted to put on her "flower girl" dress, too. 

Another thing I love about this picture is that you can almost hear how quiet it is in the girls' play area. I spent a crazy-town amount of time cleaning and reorganizing and editing and throwing away small pieces of old toys so that the girls could actually play with the toys that are in good working order. We had baby toys mixed with school projects mixed with doll clothes and the result was that nobody liked playing with any of it. The "new and improved" play area requires constant upkeep, but clearing the clutter has made for much more peaceful mornings. By the afternoon I have pretty much lost all control and have to revert to television but I am grateful for the calm-ish mornings.

How do you keep your children's' toys organized?


  1. The cutest! I love Ellie's take on "flower girls"!

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