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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hi from October

We had a low-key but very good weekend. It's our last one before a non-stop birthday and Halloween-party stretch begins. Even though it's 85+ degrees outside, the light looks crisp and pretty. I'm checking the weather like crazy looking for that first breath of cool-ish air. Or at least some sort of weather scenario where shorts would seem silly. I'm really sick of shorts.

Have you seen or heard of Good 'Ol Freda? It's a documentary about The Beatles secretary Freda Kelly. If this sounds at all interesting to you, you should watch it. She is the real deal. We should all be so lucky to have someone like Freda in our lives. It was especially interesting to watch because I'm currently reading Graham Nash's autobiography Wild Tales: a Rock and Roll Life. Rock and roll history is pretty riveting. I've also been listening to Paul McCartney's New album on repeat. 
I'm not one for doing things half way. 
Case in point B:

We carved a pumpkin, roasted pumpkin seeds, made pumpkin pie (recipe from the back of the Libby's can with a graham cracker crust) and made this pumpkin sausage pasta. PSL's and pumpkin beer were also had.

Now it's t-minus 2 hours or so till Homeland. I think the first few episodes have been disappointing, but I am sure it's all part of their genius season 3 master plan. 
I hope....

Some pictures of life from my iPhone, below.

^^Ellie, getting over her fear of sticking her hand inside of the pumpkin. ^^

^^ Ellie took this picture of me, which I love. I do wish I'd put eyeliner on both eyes. ^^

^^ Our entirely un-homemade-homemade pumpkin pie which tasted like heaven. 
"Yummy in my tummy I never had!" where SK's exact words. ^^

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