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Monday, April 7, 2014


I love learning the details of other people's routines. It's more interesting than going through their purse or even their medicine cabinet! My morning routine has become something about which I'm fairly fanatical. 

Here's how it goes:

6:15ish: Sleep Cycle app alarm clock beeps. Do you guys know about this? It wakes you up when it detects you are already awake-ish (ie- you are moving) which avoids the dreaded crazy alarm going off in the middle of a dream.

6:30: Tracy Anderson workout; mat workout only. I've started Metamorphosis approximately 700 times in the last 3 years. Right now I'm on Level 3 again. It's like the movie Groundhog's Day. So far it's given me a little more energy in the afternoons which is wonderful. I do recognize that in order to see results I am going to need to start adding cardio and deleting "The Pimento Cheese with Soul." 

7:00: Read the headlines on NYTimes, WSJ, NPR, BBC, Faux News, Sun Sentinel and Huffington Post just to see what everyone's getting up to. 

7:10: Press "start" on coffee maker which is so loud that it wakes everyone else up. Also Clarisonic/ Cetaphil/ Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer/ mascara.

7:25: Turn on Pandora to either "Let it Go" radio (yes, this is a real thing) or Paul Simon + Paul Westerberg radio or "Rent" radio. I'm sorry guys, I am just trying to be real here.

7:26: Make breakfast which is an exercise is getting as many plates cups and utensils dirty as possible without making pancakes. 

    me: Ezekiel bread toasted with butter and raspberry jam, a hard boiled egg, OJ and coffee.
    daughter #1: oatmeal + OJ
    daughter #2: cereal + milk
    husband: typically does not eat breakfast, but sometimes has a Shakeology Shake which I'm sure is both nutritious and delicious but always seems to make a big mess.

Sometimes we all share a bowl of fruit if I'm trying to be really awesome. 

7:45-8 is where everything gets really crazy because both girls + husband are trying to get dressed, brush teeth and find matching socks. Everyone is screaming about not wanting to get their hair brushed or put their pants on. I usually use those this portion of the hour to realize that my keys are lost or remember that all the school uniforms are in the washing machine, and then the indoor cat runs outside. 

8: hopefully by now both kids are in the car and we are headed to school and husband is en route to work. I would estimate that 50% of the time everyone is happy and 50% of the time someone is mad or crying. Could be anyone! Then we listen to Kids Place Live. Kids Place Live mostly drives me bonkers, but I think Mindy from the morning show is a superstar, and she even makes this song kind of fun.

What is your morning routine like?

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