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Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday this + that

image courtesy of Caitlin McGauley

Remember the scene from Mary Poppins when Mary, Jane, Michael and Bert all jump into Bert's sidewalk drawing? That's how I feel about the red room pictured above (by illustrator Caitlin McGauley...you can order some of her amazing work here)

I'd love to sit on that lovely floral chair and:
Read the new Bridget Jones novel. (V. excited that Bridget is back, ignoring all lukewarm reviews).
Listen to this album on repeat. 
Eat these donuts (on repeat). 
Paint my nails this color.  
Earmark out some new recipes from this cookbook
Burn this candle by Aerin Lauder.

Here are  few other exciting things I've got my eye on:

The United States Post Office has cute holiday stamps this year. I have not been impressed with their recent-years holiday selection, but the poinsettias rock.

Have you seen this personality quiz that tells you what state you should live in? I got Oregon; a state that is geographically and temperamentally opposite from the state in which I actually live. 

I'm obsessed with these semi-DIY ornament kits from Posie. Seriously what if I did this every year & one day had an entire Christmas tree full of only handmade ornaments and hand-strung popcorn? 
So what if I'd have no family or friends left?

This movie is finally out iTunes. YES.

I will try anything Mark Bittman says is good. Even beets.

Happy Weekend!

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