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Friday, February 22, 2013

beach, poolside

Did anyone else feel like this 5 day week was 9 days long? T!G!I!F!

This is a super quick post to tell you how heavenly this Bath and Body Works candle is. Random, yes- but if you love the Copper-tone-y lemon-y fantasticness that is the Beach by Bobbi Brown perfume, then you should get this candle and light it while you listen to the Drifters on Pandora, paint your nails in Essie Watermelon and make a couple pitchers of beer margaritas. Yes, I live in South Florida where it's always either "summer" or SUMMER- but you could do all of these activities in the midst of a blizzard. And you should.

P.S. Listen, peel the label off of that candle; it will look so much better.

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