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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

vacation part 2

Today was a foggy/rainy vacation day which was fine by me because I'm battling a never-ending sore throat and cough that is driving me bananas. I regrettably missed a trip to see my college roommate, but almost made up for it by sleeping the entire morning, taking a quick break for a tomato sandwich lunch and then...zzzzzz; back to sleep for most of the afternoon. During my awake hours I have been listening to the new Edie Brickell and Steve Martin album on repeat. And I just downloaded 40 Days by the Wailin Jennys because the song Heaven When We're Home came on the Pandora and I had to stop folding laundry immediately and start crying. 

Time spent outside with my family exploring, looking for for odd bugs, chipmunks, bunnies and of course using the eyes in the backs of our heads to look for bears have been the most fun. A close second is time spent inside baking new recipes (yesterday: Barefoot Contessa blueberry muffins today: whiskey cake found on the delightful bleubirdvintage blog)

I've also been making an effort to go hairdryer-less and makeup-less (for the most part) on this trip, and I must say, it feels pretty liberating. In a much longer post I'll explain how I've been reevaluating the things I choose to spend my time and money on with the intention of focusing on the experiences I actually really want. So: eyeliner, flatiron, Facebook, maid service and cable, you guys are kind of all on the chopping block right now.

popsicle picnic up in the clouds.

Ellie and my mom "knitted" (well- braided) that scarf using a kit they found in a Landrum, SC knitting store. That same knitting store was kind enough to repair a tear in Ellie's sacred green blankie in under 4 hours so she could have it back in time for bed. Of the above photo Ellie explained "I'm not cold, I'm just wearing this scarf for being chic..."

 All dressed for the 4th of July party at my parents' country club. I like how we all look alike in different ways.

Face painting was discussed and anticipated all day. Ellie held firm on a "plain flag" from the beginning, but then relented and allowed some glitter and stars to be added in the end. SK just kept asking for something pink until it was her turn and she blurted out I WANT  RAINBOW.

 these sisters can light up any dance floor; their favorite song du jour is Firework by Katy Perry

 ellie made fast friends with a cutie at the pool

picking blackberries, which is something I'll never get tired of. If we find more tomorrow, I may try my hand at making preserves.

this would be the evidence of my no-makeup/ no hairdryer "look" and look at that...the world didn't end! Also, I swear my kids are far more likely to eat food that they've helped to prepare. In this case: breakfast burritos. 

all photo credits from this post go to my dad, Mike O'Bryon; the amazing and talented Papap and Photographer. 
Visit him at www.obryon.com  

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